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Steven Spielberg's TAKEN Mini-Series

The glow from your television set will take on new meaning with the airing of the Sci-Fi Channels new mini-series Taken, an epic saga of alien visitation and abduction. At a cost of 40 million dollars the Taken Mini-series is one of the most expensive ever and will run for 20 hours. Taken is being heavily promoted by the Sci-Fi channel in hopes of raising awareness of not only the program itself, but of the channel in general, which would benefit greatly from a boost in viewership.

Taken will follow three generations of a single family as it deals with alien abduction. In typical Spielberg Style Taken will feature plenty of drama, heated sub-plots, and much character development, with a little humor tossed in to relieve (or emphasize depending on your view) the tension.

Here is what the Sci-Fi Channel is saying about Taken via press release:

A breathtaking epic, Steven Spielberg's TAKEN is a miniseries of unprecedented proportions -- 20 hours of riveting drama over 10 consecutive nights premiering in December 2002. In preparation for that television milestone, SCI FI will present a series of exclusive one-hour events, including an in-depth behind-the-scenes special, an amusing sci-fi field guide to alien abductions, and a poignant documentary on some extraordinary people.

An epic, sweeping adventure weaving together the story of three generations and more than fifty years of American history, TAKEN has become one of the most anticipated television events of the year. A powerfully emotional and evocative tale of mankind's encounters with extra-terrestrials, the story is told through the visions of some of the most talented directors in Hollywood - with legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg serving as the guiding force in the unfolding of the characters' dramatically interwoven destinies. TAKEN Behind The Scenes

This one-hour tour through TAKEN is a stylish and intriguing glimpse behind-the-scenes of the massive production. The cast and crew discuss the making of the miniseries, as well as share their personal beliefs on alien conspiracies. Additionally, the special will include a rare in-depth conversation with executive producer Steven Spielberg, who will discuss how this latest project fits in with his cinematic legacy of otherworldly films. Produced by Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth of Stun Creative."

Look for Taken on the Sci-Fi Channel beginning the evening of December 3. I am eagerly anticipating the program and will report back with a review here following it's run.


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