The Ultimate List of Alien Abduction Links




Here's my collection of Links to websites that relate to Alien Abduction (usually) whether they be serious, joking, or somewhere in the middle:

Location Earth Dog Tags: First but not least! Check out my homepage for Location Earth Dog Tags: What to be wearing when Aliens beam you aboard a UFO and leave you for dead in a Galaxy far away. You'll love them!

Abduction Phenomenon: Alien abduction examined at Wikipedia.

 UFO Sighting - Long Lost Manuscript Resurfaces With The Well Kept Secrets On The Truth About UFO Sightings. The newly uncovered mysteries of the 'Dark Ages' which reveal some of the most astonishing insights to commonly asked question's relating to UFO's.

UFO Sightings and Research - This includes 240 videos, including plenty of UFO footage, some scary videos, and some ghost videos. Check it out!

The Kevin Smith Show - The Kevin Smith Show is the paranormal and ufo talk radio show with info about ufo and alien, paranormal, planet-x, nasa, nibiru, roswell, ghosts, evp, ancient mysteries, it's all right here.

The Night Sky - A site based on Paranormal (Some Original Stories) and about UFO's & Phenomenon. Also limited weather related pictures...Lightning / Northern Lights etc.

Unexplained Mysteries - Ancient Mysteries & Alternative Theories, Cryptozoology, Extraterrestrial Life & the UFO, and a lot more are linked here.

UFOseek- UFO paranormal Directory, Community and News.

Spuntk- is a loosely-knit society of humanoids that believes in the Proliferation of All knowledge gained concerning UFOs and other potential non-terrestrial information. Alien Resistance HQ in Roswell NM - UFOs & The Bible, Book of Enoch, Stop Alien Abduction, Counseling & Links for days.

UFO Casebook: An impressive site with a long and well organized list of the most significant events in UFO history, including abductions back to 1961.

Nuclear Hell Cinnamon Toothpicks These toothpicks are absolutely smoking hot.

Alien Abduction Help Support for alien abductees and contactees provided by Bonnie Jean Hamilton, a life-long contactee.

Crank Dot Net: Cranks on the net. UFO Sightings and News Reports from around the globe. Updated frequently, free mailing list

NYUFO a non profit Ufo Resource Website dedicated to the theme of Ufology & Underground Computer Technology updated daily. An A to Z guide and reference source for anyone interested in unusual, strange, unexplained, paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Challenging article on man-made technology and a non-ET explanation of the Roswell Incident. By a Roswell resident and researcher, based on eye-witness testimony of 2 members of the Army's 509th who were involved in the wreckage retrieval.

UFO Alien Abduction Experience and Research provides support and research into alien abductions. Find out if you've been abducted. Take alien abduction survey. Bulletin board for members.

Crowded Skies: ufo & alien repository - the home of the grey alien dudes!

Kidnapped by UFOs: Brought to you by Nova and PBS this takes a look at Alien abduction cases from the viewpoint of both skeptics and believers.

Travis Walton's Home Page: Read condensed material from Fire In the Sky, Walton's book about his claimed 1975 encounter with a Flying Saucer in the Northeast Arizona Mountains. Byline: "The Walton experience is unequivocally the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded."

Nova Online Hot Science: A short examination on the mysterious lines that are found on the sands of the Nazca Desert of Peru. Are they evidence of Aliens or an ancient calender? Opposing views presented by Erich von Daniken and German scientist Maria Reicher.

UFO Folklore: Extensive info on many abduction and UFO related categories including foo fighters, Men in Black, Alien implants, moo-tilations, and more.

Alien Abduction, UFO Sightings, and Crop Circle phenomena: Report Alien Abduction and UFO Sightings here. Chat live with other Alien Abduction victims.

Alien and UFO pictures: A collection of alien and UFO images.

The Alien Abduction Lamp: Check out this super radical lamp.

Alien Jigsaw: Read over book reviews, articles, and interviews with the author of the book about an alien abduction. Learn about Project Open Mind.

UFO's and the Bible: Learn about UFO Phenomena as it relates to christianity, angels, and the the good book. - Award winning UFO site with photographs, Roswell, Area 51, crop circles, abductions, conspiracy theories and more.

Alien abduction on eBay: See what alien abduction related merchandise is up on the old auction block at ebay today!

Alien Abduction Index: More on Alien abduction including events and a reporting form.

Alien Abduction at Yet another place to report alien abduction or view others experiences.

Stop Alien Abductions: Be the first on your block to build your very own "thought screen helmet." Tells you everything you need to know to build this goofy looking prevention device.

Skeptics Dictionary- Alien Abductions: A quick examination of arguments against the existence of Aliens and abduction of humans. 

The Doctor's Plot: An attack on popular UFO author John E. Mack's theories and writings. Sarcastic but humorless, a so-so read.

Eyes That Spoke: Alien Abduction and the Outer Limits: A quick look at the occurrence in early pop-fiction of the modern stereotypical alien- especially the wrap-around eyes, as a possible influence on abduction reports.  

UFO Alien Mysteries at A good collection of Alien and UFO links and a weird graphic of the webmaster (or someone) morphing into a stereotypical alien being. Worth a peek.

Alien Scalpel: Tales of surgery on alien abduction victims which have yielded alien implants. Weird. 

AARC: Report in with your Alien experiences at this frivolous site that also includes a couple of nifty drawings of fictitious alien type creatures.

Do It Yourself Alien Abduction: Build your own alien abduction kit

UFOs UFOs Today: "UFO news and UFO sighting information: UFOs Today brings you the latest UFO reports as well as information about aliens, alien abductions, the paranormal, unexplained mysteries, bigfoot, men in black, and weird psychic phenomenon."




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